On the final day of the challenge I wrote this:


On this last day I am sending this challenge to Brothers-in-Law. Kayode Adigun, Kunle Adigun & Femi Adigun.

With my Wife’s permission I dedicate this day to say a big thank you to:

(1) All the female folks that I’ve met along the way from whom I’ve learnt one thing or another leading to the ultimate prize ( Mrs Olayemi Abiola Lala).

(2) The Human Messengers that :

(i) linked my wife & I ( Olugbenga Falana)

(ii) Encouraged the relationship to grow ( Sis Judith & Adetoye Oremosu,Bro Ademola Idowu & Pastor Tunji Odelola,Bunmi Ige & Mrs E.S Adigun)

(3). The Love of My Life

(1) In my journey so far, I have crossed path with great & outstanding Ladies, those who have allowed me to serve as a Eunuchs to another man’s queen, so that I could be the best King to my Queen.

Firstly a big thank you to my Mother (Mrs K.A. Lala) without her I wont be here in the first place. Thanks for the love & care, the discipline to be a fine young man, I am grateful for those cooking lessons ( as you’ll always say, “Ladies love men that can cook“), for the drill to be super sharp dresser always ( black belt goes with black shoe, dress well & carry yourself with prize, whether it’s brand new or 2nd hand).

Thanks for bending over backwards all the time to ensure that we didn’t suffer, thanks for carrying the load all alone & doing it with dignity…. I pray for strength & long life to eat the fruit of your labor… Hey Mum, we just started…relax Ma’am!!!

I hail my Grand-mum too, she was always there for us at all times… We’ve learnt to abound & abase..

To my only Sister ( the family Tomboy) Kai!!! Feyi right before my eyes you’ve grown from the baby I carried to being a wife & a mother, I bless God for your life.

To Mrs Olatunde, Mrs Ladejobi & Mrs Akinfenwa ( My mom’s best friends) thanks for showing what real friendship is all about & being strong superwomen.

To Bukola Ladejobi & Effiong ( class mate in Pry Sch), I saw the first glimpse of friendship with a girl, then to the bright & intelligent female folks in Abadina college that always challenged the boys especially Olaide Mustapha, Bolajoko Segunmaru,Bukola Olatunde,Taiwo Ogunrombi, Helen, Annette, etc wow it was fun.

Met Kemi Vennessa Odewenwa at Ikolaba Lesson always trying to out smart the boys ( Biodun Oshunkunle & I). In the Polytechnic Ibadan I met my Sisters, Titi Elaturoti,The 3 Toyins( Odeyemi, Olaoye & Olajogun), Bimbo Olatunde & Kemi Princess, what a great company of fine young ladies.

Ladies like Judith Shokoya,Bukola Jarrett, Bukola Daramola-Silva,Bukola Idowu-Obasola made me comfortable as older sisters, with sister Judith we could talk about anything, she was also my Boss at Epidata, I saw professionalism at its best…I salute you ma!!

To my folks in youth church, Sola Soyinka,Josephine ( Nosephine), The Thomas Sisters ( Seun, Bunmi & Bukki), to the Kehinde Sisters ( Funke & Fisayo), we formed a bold of friendship that was so real, I appreciate it…. around this time.

In November 1998, I met the ultimate (Olayemi Abiola Adigun) & I knew immediately she was the ONE -just like Adam knew Eve- but she needed to confirm herself, so we started a 7 year courtship & examination, but I already got the result as Yemi’s mom ( Mrs E.S Adigun) & Bunmi Ige ( Yemi’s big sister) encouraged me to hold on tight as I was the real deal(head swelling),during the 7 years I met married female folks that I learnt from by observing their relationship with their husbands Sis Anne Ughobor, Sis Doyin Oladunjoye, Sis Abimbola Soluade; Mrs Helen Adesanya ( my relationship expert).

I also met colleagues along the way, Luda Ndonya, Toyin Asiwaju, Toyin Adisa,Gloria Egunmame,Funke Ibiwoye, Olusola Fadeyi,Edehi Ojo; Tolulope Fatunbarin( Squiree),Ugochi Oshai,Anthonia Attoh, Ochukwo Owame,Adetoun Adebiyi, etc those that challenged the norm & displayed both Beauty & Brains.

I learnt so much guys & that has helped me become a better Husband to my wife & father to my daughter.

(2) To Olugbenga Falana ( FalanG), it was you that God used to ensure that I met the Love of my life. Thanks for dragging me to go check on your friend that was yemi’s roommate. God bless Nov 16 1998!!

To Sis Judith & Adetoye Oremosu, you both saw the first glimpse of my sweet heart & sniffed out the chemistry we had, ensured there was no foul play etc…lol!! it was great to know that you had my back then.

To Bro Demola Idowu & Pastor Tunji Odelola, thanks for ensuring the scope of a Godly relationship & courtship was followed, the 10 camel tests, compatibility test etc!!! I just wonder how guys do it these days….i had the best of support.

To Bunmi Ige & my mother (Mrs K.A. Lala) & my mother-in-law ( Mrs E.S Adigun), your encouragements sealed it for me & ensured that the 7 years went in a flash, many thanks mummies for your support as we got married Nov 5 2005 & have remained married for 9 yrs ( and we just started!!!)… To each & everyone of you I am very grateful.

3) To the love of my life, the wife of my youth ( Olayemi Abiola Lala), word fails me, I dont even know where to start!!! your beauty, brains, charms, lovely voice, skills at the keyboard, your poems,WOW!!! you totally complete me, we are compatible at all levels, remember all of the gist at our first meet ( Gbenga Falana looked like a stranger).

Thanks for inviting me back for your birthday the week after & for those long walks around North campus poly. Thanks for passing all of my tests with excellent flying colors… We were made for each other.

Thanks for sticking with me during the good days & the bad…in season & out of season you were there, the bedrock of our home.

Thanks for bringing forth Godly heritage ( you know they both look like me!! no doubt right!) You make me want to get better every time, you are my greatest supported, hardest critique & a well of wisdom…..among all of the daughters of Eve, Sarah, Esther, all of the ladies in the whole wide world…..You top them all Ydigzy ( YLala) & that’s why I LOVE YOU so much!!!!! SHMILY!!!!



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