This is what I wrote on Day 3

DAY 3:
Today I am sending this challenge to my siblings Segun Lala, Oluwatobi Lala Da-BigOne & Akinwale Olufeyisetan (Nee Lala);

I am grateful for:

1. My love for music & entertainment (Lights & sound)

2. The ones that have affected me positively in developing/using that talent

3. The books I have read that turned my life/reasoning around:

1. LOVE FOR MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT (LIGHTS & SOUND): I was born into a family that loved music. My parents were in one choir or the other, my Dad had the Tenor voice & can sing Bass while mom was a sweet Soprano, we had records of artist all over the house as my dad became a broadcaster after his stint with the Nigerian Navy, so I heard all sorts of music, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey,Sir Victor Uwaifo, Sir Victor Olaiya, Haruna Ishola, Ayinde Barrister, Nat King Cole, Jim Reeves, etc.

There was a lot of High-life, Juju, Apala, Jazz, contemporary, Soul, Blues, etc, so i became very eclectic in my love for music. I grew up listen to the Donnie & Marrie show, sesame street, fraggle rock, etc. Those theme songs & music formed my musical foundation.

Eventually I joined the Youth Choir at SPCC, led by Bro Beng ( Olugbenga Oluniyi), he was so passionate about music & a perfect professional too. I was challenged by the voices of pals like David Ehichioya, Segun Osho, Adefunke Kehinde, Fisayo Femi-ogunyemi, Sumolu Shmoo Shoyinka, etc. Tolu Oluwafemi & Taiwo Akinyele were great keyboardist, there was Bro Deji ( the durmmer), Bro Femi Ogunyemi  on the Bass Guitar & a whole lot of people that helped shaped the youth church ( Pastor Tunji Odelola, Sis Bukola Idowu Obasola, Bro Wale Akinrinola etc.

For the church Choir, we had Pastor Oluranti Oyedele, Sis Yemi Kayode Oyeleke, Hovana Ettarh, etc. These people challenge me so much to push my singing to the next level. I was also given the privilege to be part of the Audio/Visual team for 8 years. I was allowed to work on the sound mixers & set-up for concerts, conventions, Christmas celebrations etc.

Special thanks to Bro Femi Enirayetan (Femenis), Olatunji Salami, Elvon Jarrett, Bro Bimbo Oladejo, Wale Fatoki, Bro Yanju Adegbite, who demostarted a very high level of professionalism in the delivery of quality Audio/Visual packages for SPCC. I am grateful to everyone!!!

When I left for Lagos, I attended LRA & in no time joined the New Dawn Choir where I met Sis Anne Ugobor ( who could play virtually any instrument & looked so beautiful doing it), Akinbo Akinola,( Alvin Slaugther & Donnie McClurkin rolled in one) Bro Tunde Bakare, Omotayo Bakare- Akinbo, Seyi Adenuga, Sis Susan Olusola Osunsanya Adeh, Sis Abimbola Soluade, Abimbola Ige, Bro Daniel Okoye, Sis Doyin Oladunjoye, etc. These people ensured my spiritual & musical growth.

By 2011 when I moved to Abuja, I joined The Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly Abuja & was blown away by The Avalanche ( COZA Choir), the awesome worship of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo & the ever intoxicating presence of God in praise. This has further stretched & challenged me to do more. Oyekan Dunsin I am coming for an audition soon. Thanks to you & the team for leading us into the Holy of Holies every time we gather.
To everyone mentioned above I say thank you. I am grateful that our paths crossed.

2. THOSE THAT HAVE IMPACTED MY DEVELOPMENT: I have mentioned a couple of people above, but I must also mention some guys that impacted me in a special way.

Tolulope Fasina, your love for Alvin Slaughter’s music was infectious, especially the track “I will run to you”. Adetoye Oremosu thanks for introducing me to CeCe Winans & Pastor TJ T.D. Jakes Ministries, to the Thomas sisters( Seun Thomas, Olubunmi Thomas, Bukky Thomas) thanks for bringing Helen Baylor’s music my way.

To SPCC, I got a lot of Manaratha singers, Hillsong Worship, Ron Kenoly, DON MOEN (Praise & Worship Leader), Official Kirk Franklin etc.

At LRA, I got introduced to Kurt Carr, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Whalum, etc.

Finally COZA opened me up to the music & LIVE concerts of Tyre Tribbett, Kurt Carr, Don Moen, Byron Cage; Kim Burrell; & I am looking forward to more of Official Page CeCe Winans, & Tasha Cobbs.

3. THE BOOKS THAT TOTALLY CHANGED ME: I have read a lot of books so far ( I am very inquisitive) I read books on Faith by Kenneth Haggin, Rev. K.C. Price, Pastor TD Jakes, etc .But there are a couple of books that have totally defined the person I am today.

Firstly the book On Family by Dr James Dobson ( I read this book when I was 12 or 13, there & then I decided on how my family will be).

Secondly Joyce Meyer Books, Battlefield of the Mind, Enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going, etc. I was introduced to these books by Adetoye Oremosu & my life changed. Thanks bro!!

Then  John C. Maxwell books on Leadership,relationship & influence. I have almost all his stuffs ( in e-books, print, podcasts, etc). I am so grateful to these guys & I do hope to meet the ones that are still alive in person so as to say a personal THANK YOU!!!!



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