On the 1st of September 2014, I accepted a gratitude challenge from a friend of mine & it was pretty simple. I was to pick 3 things I was grateful for, talk about them every day for the next 5 days.  Below is what I wrote for Day 1


I am accepting this gratitude challenge from Jyde Dayo ( Babajide Adewumi) a great friend and brother and I am challenging Tolulope Fasina,Olugbenga Onasanya and Oladeji Familusi to take up this 5-day challenge looking for 3 things each day to be grateful for.

1. I am grateful for my Faith in God, I owe a lot to my mentors, fathers ( Pastor Olubi Johnson, Pastor Tunji Odelola, Bro Ademola Idowu, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Pastor Gbeminiyi Eboda, Adetoye Oremosu ,etc) and mothers (Mrs Kehinde Abiodun Lala, Pastor Sarah Johnson, Mrs Obakin, etc) I can mention lots more. These people one way or the other have ensured that I am grounded spiritually and grow up with a solid faith in my maker to be the man I am today. I celebrate you all and I am thankful.

2. I am grateful for my Family, the great Lala clan, it’s been a blast being part of this family, to the matriarch Mrs Kehinde Abiodun Lala, thanks for being there all the time, a great Amazon, I won’t be here today without you, thanks for the tight grip on me to ensure I am on the straight and narrow path. To Mr Olusola Ephraim Lala, you taught me the value of discipline and consistency, the skills of an orator, the love for music and the drive and passion to be a better father to my kids. To my siblings ( Segun Lala,Oluwatobi Lala, Mrs Feyisetan Akinwale) you guys are the best, given the chance again I will choose you lot. To the Love of my life ( Olayemi Adigun-Lala, I am grateful for the day we met, for destinies that aligned and for the glorious union of 9yrs, it’s been fun and it’s just the beginning, I am thankful for the heritage of God that we have ( Mosopefoluwa Daniel-Praise and Oluwasikemi Esther-Peace), they are here for signs and wonders and to take over. Love you guys so so much.

3. I am grateful for my Friends, chief of them are Tolulope Fasina, Olgbenga Onansanya, Oladeji Familusi, Babajide Adewunmi, Adedayo Falaiye,Adetoye Oremosu, Akinbo Akinola,Pearl Ijeoma Ezeokeke, just to mention a few, you guys have enriched my life in a special way and I pray that God will reward you accordingly.



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